Types of Business

We work with all sorts of businesses but we can best identify where you fit by working out which one of the following best describes you.

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Ambitious Start Up

Up to £250k turnover
You’ve got a vision but you’re running a business for the first time. We’re there to keep you focussed and explain the mysteries of business and finance.

Emerging Entrepreneurs

£200-500k turnover
You’ve been running for a few years and now it’s time to start delegating. We can sort out your priorities to stop the plate spinning and take your business to the next level.

Growth Businesses

£500k+ turnover
You’re at the stage where growth and cashflow are your top priorities. We’ll take you from frustration and plateau to control and focus, with a serious financial growth plan.

Established Business

£1m+ turnover
Control and structure a must right now for the longevity of the business, it’s time to develop efficiencies, and improve profits and the overall business financial performance.

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