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The bane of all our lives, but we will take away all the pain – expect paying the tax! Within the framework of the law we seek to minimise the tax you pay, enabling you to retain as much as possible.

We will seek out allowances and reliefs relevant to your business. We will review your position before each year end, as the timing of when you do things is now absolutely critical to saving tax.

Our tax predictor tool will keep you informed about your future tax liabilities. Whilst we are subject to continual changes in tax legislation, we can guide you as to the likely range of tax you will be paying, even if the precise figure is not yet available. Waiting until the final figure is know gives you insufficient time to plan for the payment. Our predictions will keep that in focus.

Our business tax services come with our tax investigation service included as standard. This is an insurance backed service that covers the cost of our fees dealing with any tax enquiry you may have – corporation tax, vat, paye and national insurance, and capital gains tax.

We also have access to finance to pay tax bills.

Guy Robinson

Guy Robinson

Director, Strategic Planner, Xero.

Guy Robinson is the founder and Managing Director of Xebra Accounting, specialising in strategic planning for small to medium sized businesses.

023 8000 1313
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