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Payment Scams

Payment Scams are Targeting Businesses like Yours Criminals are sending emails and text messages that make it appear that your staff, suppliers or even bank officials are asking for payments.  If you don’t know how to spot these fake messages, your business could lose...

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Financial Success – How ready are you?

Are you Financially Fit for Business Success? Being financially fit for success when it comes to business is not just about having some money in the bank. It goes way beyond that. There are actually 5 core areas in our opinion that, with commitment, give you...

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Meetings, Bloody Meetings

Keep your meetings brief by taking to them a list of points you want to get answered at the meeting. Most people simply do not prepare and “wing it”. But by taking just a few minutes to think through what you want from the meeting, you will be surprised at how much...

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Is Your Memory as Good as it Was?

We all try hard to remember information, and every minute of every date we add to that information. Take notes at meetings, or when on the telephone. Record them in a book. And when the book is full, start another. But what do you do if you simply cannot remember?...

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Half Your Bookkeeping Time!

Are you using a cloud accounting system? If not, seriously look at getting one, as they will save you huge amounts of time. Even if you consider your business too small, you can still save time and effort using a cloud based system. In todays fast paced system you...

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FREE Workshops in Xero Accounting Solutions

Xero Accounting is hosting free starter workshops in Xero Accounting Software to help conqueror the fear of change and help businesses move to cloud accounting solutions and reap the benefits. We decided to take this initiative to reach out to those businesses who...

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