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How financially fit are you?

At Xebra we help you to ensure that you know your numbers, and provide the advice and support to maintain, improve and grow your business.

Whether you are an ambitious start up, an emerging entrepreneur, or an established business, we have the solutions for you, and will take away the overwhelm out of your accounting.

What type of business are you?

Ambitious Start ups

Up to £250k turnover
You’ve got a vision but you’re running a business for the first time. We’re there to keep you focussed and explain the mysteries of business and finance.

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Emerging Entrepreneurs

£200-500k turnover
You’ve been running for a few years and now it’s time to start delegating. We can sort out your priorities to stop the plate spinning and take …

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Growth Businesses

£500k+ turnover
You’re at the stage where growth and cashflow are your top priorities. We’ll take you from frustration and plateau to control and  focus, with a 

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Established Businesses

£1m+ turnover
Control and structure a must right now for the longevity of the business, it’s time to develop efficiencies, and the overall business financial …

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See what our clients say about us

Hundreds of businesses get our help each year

We fully appreciate that the work for us has been a lot more than originally expected, and we know that your team have had to put in a lot of work to get our accounts up to date.

Nicola Morgan

Managing Director

Xebra’s approach is so different to other accountants I meet, focussing very much on the team, with everyone doing their bit to deliver the highly personalised service …

Tony Treacy

IT Consultant

Xebra Accounting the team have helped us tremendously with developing and growing the business. Their knowledge and advice has given us financial stability …

Rob Heard

Motor Mechanic

How we can support you


Nothing to loose, a free chat or telephone call to find out how we can help you.


In a Discovery meeting we will work out the right plan for you and answer those niggling questions you have.


We will recommend the right service for you, to support your goals and ambitions.


With our hands on support you are destined for great things.

Cloud accounting lets you have your finances at your fingertips

Our team can help with everything from set up to everyday bookkeeping. Xero gives you real-time accounting – you can even check it on your smartphone before you get out of bed!

We are Xero gold partners and award winners

We’re experts at helping businesses make the switch to cloud accounting.

People in the UK using Xero

Certified Xero accountants at Xebra

Clients using Xero

Insight and tips

Meetings, Bloody Meetings

Keep your meetings brief by taking to them a list of points you want to get answered at the meeting. Most people simply do not prepare and “wing it”. But by taking just a few minutes to think through what you want from the meeting, you will be surprised at how much...

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Is Your Memory as Good as it Was?

We all try hard to remember information, and every minute of every date we add to that information. Take notes at meetings, or when on the telephone. Record them in a book. And when the book is full, start another. But what do you do if you simply cannot remember?...

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Half Your Bookkeeping Time!

Are you using a cloud accounting system? If not, seriously look at getting one, as they will save you huge amounts of time. Even if you consider your business too small, you can still save time and effort using a cloud based system. In todays fast paced system you...

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